MCW April '14 Meeting
Apr 24, 2014Public
Photo: Here's part of our new setup.  Thanks to Bert Bleckwenn, we now have a custom-built a/v cabinet loaded with equipment, three switchable video cameras (one on a boom), three screens (one for the cameraman and demonstrator), and a new 2-speaker audio system for the wireless mic.  Note the cameras in front of the lathe, over it, and shooting down the ways.
Photo: Thanks to Bert and Phil Brown, we now have 60 padded folding chairs and a portable storage dolly.  The chairs were set for tonight by Gary Guenther, Margaret Follas, Jim Allison, and Manu Suarez.
Photo: Here's the dolly that Phil and Bert got in Frederick.  It holds the large majority of our new chairs and also has a new set of casters on it.
Photo: With lots of thought and hard work, our area has been transformed into a very comfortable and effective demo space for audience and demonstrator alike.  Thanks to all involved!
Photo: We have a very healthy Silent Auction tonight...
Photo: ...including some pieces from David Jacobowitz.
Photo: President Tim Aley runs through the meeting agenda.
Photo: Thanks to Matt Radtke for volunteering for video duty.  Thanks to Bert for the amazing wiring display.  :-)
Photo: Speaking of Bert, here he talks about our latest Maintenance session, a new Eagle-head cane Outreach project, and a new carving club.  That's his audio amp behind him that he donated to the cause.
Photo: MCW Secretary Jack Enders is busily taking notes, but here he takes a moment to describe another successful session with Wounded Warriors.
Photo: We asked tonight's demonstrator, David Ellsworth, to critique our Show & Tell pieces.  He loved Matt Radtke's hammer for it's tremendous character.
Photo: He discussed the shape of the handle, noting that a multi-axis oval shape, or even a triangle, would give a better grip than a circle.
Photo: Bob Grudberg's segmented vase also caught his eye.  David noted the possibility of smoothing the curve at the join.
Photo: David admired the off-center banding of this laminated bowl by Richard Webster.
Photo: ### made this box, with a contrasting-wood join, in Liam O'Neill's class.
Photo: Here, David looks at Eliot Feldman's uniquely-footed zebrawood hollow form upside down, saying that if a piece is "right", it will look just as good upside down as it will right side up.  This HF passes the test.
Photo: He then discuses the curve to the foot in the upright mode.
Photo: David likes the touch of turquoise in this Southwestern-shape vessel by Mike Colella.
Photo: He praised Margaret Follas' very first hollow form and admired the chip carving on the foot.
Photo: David likes the feel of this little bowl by Manu Suarez but notes that the foot could be a little smaller...
Photo: seen better in this upside down view.
Photo: David likes the curve and small foot of Duane Schmidt's natural-edge bowl, here seen upside down.
Photo: He was surprised by the lightness of this relatively large bowl by Tim Aley -- and learned that it's paulownia.
Photo: He also critiqued his own hollow form and discussed how he charred the surface.