MCW April 08 Meeting
Apr 25, 2008Public
Photo: Phil Brown
Photo: Doug Pearson, MCW Treasurer and Webmaster for our Silver Medal winning Web Site
Photo: Jerry Kaplan will be our host for the May meeting
Photo: Silent Auction Table with holly, pear, apple, oak, and more
Photo: Don Van Ryk signs his cookie jar into the Show & Tell Table
Photo: Phil Brown - figured red maple platter blank
Photo: Stan Sherman - segmented salad bowl
Photo: Bob Browning - bracelet assistant
Photo: Ilya Zavorin - spalted maple bowl
Photo: Tim Aley - spalted English walnut salad bowl
Photo: Ed Karch - elm tankard with beaten copper handle
Photo: Ed Karch - cherry bowl with copper foil
Photo: David Jacobowitz - carved cherry HF
Photo: Michael Blake - hollow screwdriver handle with O-rings
Photo: Mike Colella - cedar and pine tree ornament
Photo: Don Van Ryk - segmented cookie jar from oak, walnut, and maple
Photo: Denis Zegar - pink ivory bowl
Photo: Clif Poodry - box elder platter
Photo: Richard Webster - cherry vessel
Photo: Guest, Justin Freedman - two maple bowls, firsts
Photo: Eliot Feldman, MCW Program Director, and Demonstrator for the evening - beginning a "box" by roughing a cylinder from a spalted maple square
Photo: Eliot parting off roughly 2/3 to separate the base from the lid
Photo: Hollowing the box lid with a gouge
Photo: Continuing hollowing with a scraper