MCW April 08 Meeting
Apr 25, 2008Public
Photo: Phil's life as a professional woodturner started in 1975 and overlapped his 30 years as an agricultural economist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He was a pioneering member of the American Association of Woodturners and its associated chapters, Capital Area Woodturners and Chesapeake Woodturners. He founded the Montgomery County Woodturners in 2007 and became its first President. 
MCW President Phil Brown leads the meeting in our second year. [0804]
Photo: Doug Pearson, MCW Treasurer and Webmaster for our Silver Medal winning Web Site
Photo: Jerry Kaplan will be our host for the May meeting
Photo: Silent Auction Table with holly, pear, apple, oak, and more
Photo: Don Van Ryk signs his cookie jar into the Show & Tell Table
Photo: Phil Brown - figured red maple platter blank
Photo: Stan Sherman - segmented salad bowl
Photo: Bob Browning - bracelet assistant
Photo: Ilya Zavorin - spalted maple bowl
Photo: Tim Aley - spalted English walnut salad bowl
Photo: Ed Karch - elm tankard with beaten copper handle
Photo: Ed Karch - cherry bowl with copper foil
Photo: David Jacobowitz - carved cherry HF
Photo: Michael Blake - hollow screwdriver handle with O-rings
Photo: Mike Colella - cedar and pine tree ornament
Photo: Don Van Ryk - segmented cookie jar from oak, walnut, and maple
Photo: Denis Zegar - pink ivory bowl
Photo: Clif Poodry - box elder platter
Photo: Richard Webster - cherry vessel
Photo: Guest, Justin Freedman - two maple bowls, firsts
Photo: Eliot Feldman, MCW Program Director, and Demonstrator for the evening - beginning a "box" by roughing a cylinder from a spalted maple square
Photo: Eliot parting off roughly 2/3 to separate the base from the lid
Photo: Hollowing the box lid with a gouge
Photo: Continuing hollowing with a scraper