MCW May '07 Meeting
Apr 27, 2016Public
Photo: Bert and Kathy Bleckwenn are surrounded by a bountiful Silent Auction...
Photo:'s a closer look at one table full.
Photo: Gallery photographer, Michael Colella, shoots a hollow form by Eliot Feldman as Stuart Glickman looks on.
Photo: At the Show & Tell table, Ed Karch is drawn to investigate Doug Pearson's amazing, large, colored, natural-opening hollow form.
Photo: President Phil Brown conducts the business meeting at our Woodworkers Club location.
Photo: President Phil Brown presents a happy Bert Bleckwenn with a Certificate of Appreciation for creating the MCW Newsletter. [0705]
Photo: Master of Ceremonies for Show & Tell, Stuart Glickman, shows a segmented vessel brought by David Jacobowitz.
Photo: Stuart looks inside Bert Bleckwenn's bowl as Bert looks on.
Photo: Stuart shows three nostepinnes (yarn winders) in different woods, brought by Pat Taylor.
Photo: Stuart shows a bowl with a very interesting shape brought by Stan Sherman -- and in solid wood, no less!
Photo: And a magic wand by Ed Karch.
Photo: Eliot Feldman shows how he uses this swan-neck tool to hollow a form.
Photo: Richard Webster with his striking zebrawood bowl.
Photo: Bob Browning laid a wooden egg(!) and also made a honey dipper and a small plate and bowl (not shown).
Photo: Doug Pearson with another of his amazing colored, large, hollow vessels.
Photo: He hollowed through this natural opening and purposely left it in the final form.
Photo: Clif Poodry with a platter, front...
Photo: ...and back.
Photo: Clif is also our demonstrator for the evening.  Here is one variation on one of his signature 'spirit vessels'.
Photo: Clif begins roughing a block that has one of his signature 'spirit vessels' hidden inside.  He's going to show us how to release it.
Photo: Jumping ahead, here's what it looks like after roughing the outside shape.
Photo: He's going to part off the stopper and then fit it into the body.
Photo: Hollowing and sizing the neck interior.
Photo: Working with a Bob Rosand 1/4" round skew chisel...