MCW Aug. '15 Meeting
Aug 9, 2015Public
Photo: Bob Grudberg mans the Welcome Table and gives change for the demo fee.
Photo: Bob hands out a raffle ticket to Jeff Tate, with chances to win the Bring-back Raffle and last month's demo piece.
Photo: Paul Simon peruses a book from our Lending Library.
Photo: Some very nicely-prepared bowl blanks in the Silent Auction from Phil Brown.  It takes a lot of hard work and time and energy and expense to put these on the table.
Photo: Our demonstrator for the evening, Barbara Dill, was kind enough to bring a printed handout for everyone.
Photo: Gallery Photographer Mike Colella and 'trucker' Rebecca Meyerson pause to appreciate the pattern in the center of this impressive open-segmented bowl by Bob Grudberg.
Photo: Rebecca chats with demonstrator for the evening, Barbara Dill, about some of her amazing multi-axis work.
Photo: Bill Long checks sign ins at the Show Tell & Ask table.
Photo: Barbara's work is breathtaking, and the variety of shapes and styles boggles the mind.
Photo: President Gary Guenther begins the Business Meeting with his ever-present Agenda in hand.
Photo: Welcome to our "other" Virginia Member, Daniel Drell.  Hey, this saves him a trip home around the Beltway during Rush Hour!  Not a bad deal.
Photo: Stan Wellborn repays a debt to the Bring-back challenge (hey, we know where he lives) with a lovely ornament that was previously won by...
Photo: ... a very pleased Phil Brown!  Stan says he now finally has something in Phil's collection!
Photo: This is why we do the Bring Back -- smiles all around.
Photo: Tonight's Bring-back bowl, made by last-month's winner, Tom Gannon, is won by none other than Bob Grudberg!  Which sleeve do you think that winning ticket came from?
Photo: And last-month's demo piece, a notebook cover by David Reed Smith, is won by an equally pleased Bill Long.
Photo: Bill Long addresses the group in his role as Newsletter Editor.
Photo: Gary shows an example of what Clif Poodry will be turning at next month's demo on "hollowing through the bottom".  He surely didn't do this one through the top!
Photo: Bob Grudberg with his walnut BOWL! whose real size doesn't show in the Gallery shot, which is why we do these too!
Photo: The first of Bob's two open-segmented bowls has a marquetry bottom...
Photo: ...and the second is also patterned.
Photo: Just for fun, Bob worked on a notebook cover, per last month's David Reed Smith demo.  Hmmm...  got that one corner just a tad too thin, but good try!
Photo: Joe Stout with his two Eastern red cedar bowls with different rim treatments.
Photo: Steve Haddix with his first hollow form, in spalted oak.  But here it's upside down.  That shows how great the shape is...