MCW Aug 09 Meeting
Aug 24, 2009Public
Photo: Mike Blake is not a bowl maker yet, so he thanks Eliot Feldman and Clif Poodry for turning his pignut hickory burl into a very nice shallow bowl. We will all learn a lot about handling burls from Alan Hollar in our September meeting.
Photo: The Silent Auction was very well stocked...
Photo: including a very nice pair of screwdrivers made and donated by Mike Blake...
Photo: ...and including a car load of freshly cut walnut, compliments of Bob Browning and Phil Brown. Gary Guenther hopes to make something nice out of this half round.
Photo: To thank Jane and Arthur Mason for their recent hospitality, MCW has made them honorary members.
Photo: The Show & Tell table may be round and brown, but there are some very attractive pieces here which show the wood well.
Photo: Carl Powell chats with Fred Glock, a visiting guest from the Cleveland area. Fred assisted with photography and got some great shots.
Photo: The business meeting is underway, and the good crowd is listening intently to President Phil Brown (off image left).
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn briefs everyone on the MCW program at the Montgomery County Fair and invites additional staffing.
Photo: Happy Birthday Lynn Bailets!  Thanks to his wife Kathy -- that was good cake!
Photo: Ed Karch brought two cherry bowls, one freshly turned and one turned in 2004, to show the color change that occurs in cherry as it ages.
Photo: Ed Karch with his turned box with a threaded lid that holds bow rosin for a violin player.
Photo: Michael Blake shows off the that great pignut hickory burl bowl made for him by Eliot Feldman and Clif Poodry.
Photo: The final pieces of pignut hickory burl left over from Michael's bowl.  One has already been cut into a round on Mark Supik's big bandsaw, but the waste is shown still surrounding it.  Michael gave the piece to Clif for him to spin his magic.  The other will become a salt box to go with the bowl.
Photo: Michael loves to make tool handles. Here is a screwdriver with an oval handle made from spalted maple.
Photo: These are not turned, but Michael also makes knife handles.
Photo: Denis Zegar brought this very impressive apple burl bowl.
Photo: A couple little pieces made from the burls. [09.08]
Photo: Tim Aley has been playing with some multi-axis techniques based on our earlier demo by Barbara Dill.  Guest Murray Stein, a woodturner and wood artist of note looks on.
Photo: Time gets serious and turns out some big maple bowls.
Photo: Gary Guenther brought two wormy dogwood cups from the same branch -- one turned end grain and one turned side grain (a so-called bird's mouth double bullseye)
Photo: Richard Webster brought this chestnut bowl with a very interestingly textured rim and some inlace filled holes.
Photo: ...and this natural-edge maple bowl with turquoise inlay.
Photo: Bill Autry shows off some spindle work -- the candle stick, inspired by the work of Barbara Dill, has been turned in four axes, with twists on the cup and shaft done in opposite directions.  He holds parts for another one.  Bill will be our demonstrator in December.