MCW Oct. '14 Program
Oct 26, 2014Public
Photo: Clif Poodry before the demonstration with examples of the ornaments he will be turning in the demonstration.
Photo: Gary Guenther introduces Clif Poodry.
Photo: The library has a copy of the Bob Rosand demo.
Photo: Clif shows some examples of his ornaments, ...
Photo: ... including painting, ...
Photo: ... and his classic finial work.
Photo: While discussing his technique to hollowing the "globe" part of the ornament.
Clif reminded us that ever demonstration has three errors.
Photo: After he turns and hollows the globe, he will part it off here.
Photo: Clif discussing the Rob Rosand tools he purchased on-line.
Photo: Now to the turning.
Photo: shaping the globe...
Photo: ... with some good overhead shots.
Photo: Lathe malfunction!  Lost of speed control.
Demonstration error number one!
Photo: Attempting to fix loss of speed control.
Photo: Reminding us that every demonstration has three errors.
And that the lathe malfunction was the first.
Photo: Discussing the first step of his hollowing technique.  After drilling out the globe, make your first cuts near the rim.
Photo: With the pre-drilled holes the hollowing is self-cleaning!
Photo: Checking progress ...
Photo: As you cut the next level go out to the final thickness because you can't go back.
Photo: almost done.
Photo: Finial with shavings.
Photo: Discussing technique.  The gouge will be held between the thumb and fingers.
Photo: Gently ...
Photo: Demonstrating the use of a finger as a steady rest.