MCW August '11 Meeting
Aug 27, 2011Public
Photo: The photography crew of Mike Collela and Don Van Ryk check out the show & tell table be to see if they missed anything.
Photo: New member Benji Omisore enjoys the meeting.
Photo: Bob Browning shows a picture of the lathe that he and Bert Bleckwenn built for the booth at the fair.
Photo: There was lots of wood on the silent auction tables, some of it just cut and...
Photo: ... and some very, very dry.
Photo: Mike Collela shows off his commissioned piece for a bar glass and snack holder.
Photo: Mike shows off his vase with a lot of figure.
Photo: Gary Guenther shows off what he learned from last month's demo.
Photo: Gary describes his recent purchase of the Keith Tompkins "V" Skew.
Photo: Tim Aley shows the hollow vessel from a hollow log.
Photo: Tim shows his four bowls that are experiments with different bottom styles.
Photo: Bill Long shows off his hollow form with a natural interior.
Photo: Bill shows an experiment with coloring the natural edge when the bark comes off.
Photo: Ed Karch shows a bowl that he recovered from a gallery that went out of business.
Photo: Steve Drake discusses his holly hollow form.
Photo: Steve shows the features of his oak bowl.
Photo: Bob Grudburg talks about his experiment with laminating the padauk and maple woods together.  He was not happy with the red bleeding into the white.
Photo: Bob also showed his natural-edged cherry bowl.
Photo: The July meeting had a conversation about wood id.  Bob brought in a tree id tool that he uses.
Photo: Don Couchman brought in two of his bowls to find out what wood they are made from.  [11.08]
Photo: Don Van Ryk shows what he learned from the last month's demo.
Photo: Don shows his candle stick holder that combines his new goblet skills and a Rude Osolnik form.
Photo: Jake France shows the pens he made and brought for the give back challenge.