MCW Demo October '11
Oct 22, 2011Public
Photo: Gary Guenther starts off the Demonstration with his Safety First talk with a graphic display of what can happen without a face shield or when you don't use your tools properly.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn gave a brief demo on how to make pens.  He started off explaining how to glue the metal tubes into the blanks.
Photo: Bert then explained how to trim the ends.
Photo: Here he shows the setup on the mandrel, and he starts by rounding the ends over.
Photo: Bert explains his design ideas and encouraged self-expression.
Photo: Carl Powell talks about some finishing information he has compiled.
Photo: Bert's table of tricks for his demo.
Photo: Pen blanks ready for drilling and some ready for tubes.
Photo: Bert's tubes and epoxy that he uses for the pen blanks.
Photo: Blanks are sorted by type of wood and ready to go!
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn sets up the jig to hold the pen blanks as Mary Beardsley prepares to drill blanks.
Photo: Gary Guenther mans the trimming station.
Photo: Clif Poodry explains the next step to Bill Long.
Photo: Carl Powell looks on as Steve Drake checks out his pen.
Photo: Steve works with a skew to cut the pen blank.
Photo: Elliot Shantz and Margaret Follas make decisions about shape after they have rounded the pen blanks.
Photo: Margaret and Elliot shaped one half of the pen; next they will shape the other half.
Photo: Jake France looks on as Benji goes through all the grits of sandpaper.
Photo: Jake shows Benji how to assemble the pen while Imelda Rocha glues the tubes into blanks.
Photo: Richard Webster works on his purple heart pen.
Photo: Richard Webster shows off his finished pen, to Bob Browning, that he just turned for the troops.