MCW Nov 09 Meeting
Nov 24, 2009Public
Photo: We had a very large Silent Auction -- this was only part of the action.
Photo: Last month, John Jordan was kind enough to donate a pair of his hollowing tools to MCW to help provide funds for a video system. Thank you John. We're working on it.
Photo: The Show & Tell table had some interesting items.
Photo: Our Gallery photographer, Hal Burdette, hard at work. Don Van Ryk does the trucking.
Photo: Phil Brown with one of his signature spalted maple flares.
Photo: Phil Brown showing holly and burly maple bowls with a bit of a Stocksdale influence.
Photo: Stan Wellborn brought a pine burl vase.
Photo: Tim Aley discusses his NE maple bowl.
Photo: Gary Guenther with a pair of cherry bowls from the same log illustrating John Jordan's point about the effects of aging on the sapwood contrast.
Photo: Tom Ankrum's first segmented piece -- an interesting maple and walnut rolling pin.
Photo: Linda Stops made a carving mallet from Argentinian osage orange.
Photo: Elliot Schantz made a set of Cuban mahogany tea candle holders...
Photo: ...and a bracelet tree with a cherry base.
Photo: Elliot plans to use this inexpensive, commercial bowl as the equivalent of a roughout blank from which to create a more delicate form of his own.
Photo: Don Van Ryk with a pair of spalted maple bowls from the same log -- showing their original positioning in the raw material...
Photo: ...and their ultimate form.
Photo: Don also made a spalted maple mushroom in the unique form of a small vessel with a cascade rim.
Photo: Michael Blake showing the covered salt bowl turned from the last of his pignut hickory burl by Richard Webster. Michael made the spoon.
Photo: Michael Blake with screwdrivers and a rasp with handles of cherry burl, tamarind, and beeswing narra.
Photo: Richard Webster displays his NE walnut bowl accented with a touch of turquoise.