MCW March 09 Meeting
Mar 25, 2009Public
Photo: Silent Auction - spalted maple, Longworth chuck, osage orange, pen and stopper blanks
Photo: Some of the Show & Tell items
Photo: Phil Brown with an Amboyna burl bowl he bought from some turners who bring over containers of the wood from SE Asia
Photo: Close up of the Amboyna burl bowl
Photo: David Jacobowitz with his birch bowl dyed black with leather shoe dye
Photo: Jerry Mauch with his next ring/jewelry holder design
Photo: Tim Aley with his large cherry bowl
Photo: Stan Welborn with his myrtle bowl
Photo: Bill Autry's egg kaleidoscope
Photo: Mike Blake brought in some Woodcut replaceable tip gouges he bought online direct from the manufacturer at a very good price
Photo: Bloodwood ring by Chris Wright
Photo: Clif Poodry with two of his necklaces
Photo: The Norfolk Island Pine bowl holds the necklaces with plenty of room to spare
Photo: The "Musical Note" vessel is another one of Clif's off-center projects
Photo: Ed Karch turned the body of the fiddle and hollowed through a hole in the bottom (he's pointing to it with his left index finger). He then added the top, fretboard, neck and other parts
Photo: Ed plays the fiddle whose body he turned, hollowed, and halved
Photo: Stan Sherman demonstrates segmented turning. With the glue-ups in chucks, he shows us the point at which he begins turning
Photo: Here's one already completed
Photo: This is the one we saw in two pieces in last month's S&T
Photo: Stan shows a book with ideas for feature rings
Photo: Malcolm Tibbetts book on segmented turning is a classic.
Photo: Begin by knocking off the rough edges on the top half
Photo: Getting nice curls from little blocks of glued together dry wood -- not bad
Photo: Curls, not chips and dust -- that's good technique and a sharp tool