MCW Field Trip to Mark Supik & Co. production shop
Nov 24, 2008Public
Photo: Mark Supik welcomes MCW and describes the business and equipment.
Photo: Nancy administrates.
Photo: Joe puts the size of those Oliver pulleys into perspective.
Photo: A bottle form, fresh off the lathe for a tapper handle.
Photo: After finishing but before the label goes on. Note those in the rack to the rear.
Photo: ...and not a drop to drink.
Photo: To set the speed, you adjust this belt here...
Photo: Rock and roll...
Photo: Mark demo's the German copy lathe.
Photo: The copy lathe In action with one blade -- making a small cedar ball for a deck. The order is for 1000.
Photo: Cutting merrily along...
Photo: A completed spine roller in front of set of cutter heads on a stack of raw blanks. Thanks goodness for a copy lathe!
Photo: Wouldn't you like to have one of these at home?
Photo: Now that's what I call a band saw -- an 1876 Atlantic with a 3-foot throat and 12-inch cutting height.
Photo: Lathes here...
Photo: Lathes here too...
Photo: Lathes there...
Photo: Lathes everywhere!
Photo: Now that's what I call a faceplate!
Photo: Tools and samples of the trade.
Photo: Bob and Mike look on as Joe sets up a spindle demo.
Photo: Joe gets to work on a carving mallet.
Photo: Skew work.
Photo: Putting on a finishing touch. This mallet felt great in the hand.