MCW Meeting October '11
Oct 22, 2011Public
Photo: The silent auction table was filled with green 1/2 logs of elm and cherry.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn goes over the pen blank check-out procedure with Don Van Ryk before the meeting.
Photo: President Bert Bleckwenn conducts the business meeting.
Photo: Phil Brown shows an article in the new American Woodturner written by MCW member David Fry about MCW member Mark Supik.
Photo: Mike Colella shoots the gallery photos.
Photo: Ilya Zavorin wins a thin bowl (full of chocolates) for the MCW Give-Back Challenge.  He will make something and bring it in next month.
Photo: Richard Webster talks about his segmented bowl.
Photo: Steve Drake discusses the grain in his cherry bowl.
Photo: Steve DiBenedetto talks about using the Crush Grind system in his spalted-maple pepper grinder.
Photo: Gary Guenther shows off his short, wide hollow form.  He didn't have the tool to hollow it so he asked C. A. Savoy to build him one.
Photo: Gary sketched this diagram to show C.A. what he needed the tool to do, ...
Photo: ... and here Gary shows off the adjustable outrigger tool he received.  C.A. agreed to make similar tools for other MCW members, and three made use of the opportunity.
Photo: Bill Long describes his vase that he has finished after getting good comments from the January Show and Tell Critique.
Photo: Bill Long's latest project, a huge bowl that he has given a working title of The Three Bears.
Photo: Tim Aley talks about learning from the last demo (Michael Kehs) to make his bowl super thin.   He put it up for auction in the Give-Back Challenge.
Photo: Bob Grudberg saw at the last demo a winged bowl in the style of Terry Scott and this is his first attempt.
Photo: Bob Grudberg shows off his natural-edge bowl.
Photo: Bill Autry explains his practice pyrography on the rim of his bowl.
Photo: Carl Powell did research on how to finish acrylic pens and made examples of all his research.  He asked memebers...
Photo: ... to check them all out and give their opinion.