MCW Sept '13 Program
Sep 21, 2013Public
Photo: Gary Guenther talks dust safety before the demo.
Photo: Mark Sfirri started off the demo with some examples of his work and what he will be demoing.
Photo: Here Mark explains the multi-axis nature of the rolling pin.
Photo: Mark has a partial finished figure model where you can see the shape forming and the centers are still in the ends.
Photo: This tool handle raises the question of how do you do that?
Photo: Here is a simple squiggle that he uses for practice.
Photo: Mark starts by explaining the tools he uses.  He basically uses three tools, a bowl gouge (that he is displaying), a roughing gouge, and a spindle gouge.
Photo: Mark starts turning basic shapes on a cylinder showing proper spindle turning technique.
Photo: His simple shape forms and then ...
Photo: ... he splits it apart.
Photo: Now you have 2 copies to make something with.
Photo: Mark puts it between centers and talks about design options and ...
Photo: ... then he draws out what his plans are.  He draws on the side of the audience so everyone can see.
Photo: After he turns a little, he stops and shows the progress.
Photo: Mark compares the starting and the finished version.
Photo: Mark bends over at this lathe but at home he cuts the wood at about shoulder height to save his back.
Photo: The camera catches the spindle gouge and the off center spinning of the wood.
Photo: Mark makes models of what he wants to make with the center line drawn in and...
Photo: ... then he cuts it  so that ...
Photo: ... he can position it on his model lathe between centers to test he design and see where the centers will be..
Photo: Once lined up on one center, he determines where the second center will be by extending the handle center line.
Photo: Mark showed a slide show from his computer to talk about center lines.
Photo: He shows the center line extended.
Photo: This is what it would look like on the lathe.