MCW Jan '13 Program
Jan 16, 2013Public
Photo: The Show & Tell items for our 4th-annual Critique with Panelists sit patiently waiting for the business meeting to finish.
Photo: Our Panelists for the evening, Sally Giarratana, Chuck Engstrom, and David Fry, share a light moment.
Photo: Richard Webster talks about his freshly-turned, natural-edge dogwood bowl.
Photo: David asked Richard how long ago this was turned, and Richard said: "I started it at 2:00 today."
Photo: Chuck talked about the use of the crotch and the 3 pointed bowl.
Photo: Sally was very fond of the natural edge.
Photo: Mike Twenty brought his lidded hollow form.
Photo: Mike explains to Chuck about how he got to the final shape.
Photo: Chuck thought the finial had excellent form.
Photo: Sally is intrigued by the beetle holes in the ambrosia maple.
Photo: Ed Karch brought a sculptural form embellished with a variety of techniques.
Photo: Sally has compliments for many parts of Ed Karch's art piece but is not convinced it all works together.
Photo: David likes the many ideas expressed by this work but agrees with Sally that a future work with fewer details might have greater overall impact.
Photo: Chuck shows some of the parts that he likes to the membership, including the burning patterns and wood characteristics.
Photo: Joe Stout brought in a tall eucalyptus box.
Photo: Chuck talks about the desire for the top to fit securely but not too tight.
Photo: Sally said that she liked the design and would probably make it even taller if she were doing it in clay.
Photo: David also talked about the fit and about working with eucalyptus wood.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn talks about his adventures in finishing on this crotch-figure cherry platter.  He wants to know how to avoid that too-shiny look and plans to take it back down to a satin appearance.
Photo: The mood was upbeat all night, but here they share a laugh as David is about to show that the bowl hasn't moved much.
Photo: Chuck talks about options Bert could have done on the rim...
Photo: ...and appeciates the overall form and figure.
Photo: Bob Grudberg presents one of his striking open-segmented works.
Photo: Bob answers Chuck's questions about how it is made.