MCW Dec. '14 Program
Dec 24, 2014Public
Photo: Our demonstrator, Joe Dickey, enjoys a moment with the crowd.
Photo: Design is a very important topic for Joe.  He presented some different shapes and asked for audience participation to show how the bowls with more "lift" off the table are preferred.
Photo: Joe made his own "Golden Ratio" calipers.  Objects whose dimensions incorporate variations of this value (1.62, 0.62, and 0.38) are widely recognized to have a pleasant appearance to the human eye.
Photo: Here is an example of a pleasingly proportioned hollow form whose diameter-to-height ratio is the Golden Mean and whose height to height-of-maximum-diameter ratio is the Golden Mean.
Photo: Joe is also recognized for his coloring and finishing prowess, as is evidenced by the bowl in his hand.
Photo: This is the kind of color and finish he achieves on some of his work.
Photo: Joe gave a very enlightening and entertaining slide talk about his work and how he does it.
Photo: How about a natural-edge wavy platter highlighting the incredible wood grain?
Photo: Up close.
Photo: Joe was asked by a pastor friend to make a collection plate.  Joe likes to push himself when it comes to turning techniques, and he also has a sense of humor!
Photo: Here's that "collection plate".  It was well received in the spirit in which it was made.
Photo: Joe shows us on the board how he turned his latest piece called Cephei.  I see a bit of wood and some rings, and what's all that amorphous stuff?
Photo: Here's what it looked like in process.  It's a natural-edge maple vessel that incorporates two intersecting walnut “orbital” rings of different diameters at different orientations. He described the process for turning the bowl, slicing it in different planes, reassembly with the rings incorporated in the glue-up,  and filling it with construction foam to provide support for hollow turning the composite.
Photo: Turning the maple bowl, imbedded walnut rings, and foam!  All I can say is "Wow!"  Remove the foam, and you get...
Photo: ...Cephei in all its glory.
Photo: I'll bet you didn't notice the color on that "Golden-Mean" hollow form rim!
Photo: Here are some other forms that Joe has produced...
Photo: Nice tie!
Photo: close up
Photo: Joe also discussed spheres at length...
Photo: this one with imbedded rings!  Kind of mind boggling.