MCW July '12 Program
Jul 22, 2012Public
Photo: Gary Guenther moderated the discussion on "Selling Your Work 2".
Photo: A good crowd showed up for this meeting, organized "in the round".
Photo: Our new chairs are particularly important to this new format.
Photo: At the end of the first session of "Selling You Work", several months ago, members wanted to hear more from Phil Brown, whose commentary was cut short by the end of the available time...
Photo: So, Phil Brown was the first presenter and spoke about his experiences on selling his work.
Photo: Phil Brown responds to points brough up by Bert Bleckwenn about insurance and liability.
Photo: Imelda Rocha brought up the point that everyone should have a website.
Photo: Clif Poodry spoke of his experiences selling and talked about some galleries he was in and some that he chose not to go in.
Photo: Mike Colella spoke of his year of experience in selling at shows and to friends.
Photo: Ilya Zavorin listens as members answer a question he just asked.
Photo: Richard Webster described his open houses where he has most of his sales.