MCW May '16 Program
May 25, 2016Public
Photo: Dale Bright, our demonstrator for the evening introduces his topics of clean cutting and refining with a scraper to produce a surface on the outside of vessels that needs little sanding.
Photo: He brought some of his vessels to show, such as this American walnut hollow form...
Photo: ...and this one in English walnut.
Photo: He also brought a couple bowls...
Photo: ...such as this one in ambrosia maple...
Photo: ...and this larger one, also in ambrosia maple.
Photo: Dale discussed the grind of his bowl gouge...
Photo: has a swept-back grind with a bevel angle of about 40-45 degrees...
Photo: ...with a fairly pointy nose shape.
Photo: Dale mounted a vessel to show various tool procedures for cutting and scraping to produce a very smooth surface.
Photo: Thanks to Joe Stout for keeping the best shots on our video screens.
Photo: Here's an overhead of Dale making a light, clean cut with the gouge to refine the shape.
Photo: Dale showed a number of tools that he uses for gentle finish shear-scraping cuts, including a variety of negative-rake scrapers.  This shear scraper is made and sold by John Jordan.
Photo: It has a removable blade that can be reversed to permit use in either direction, right to left or left to right.
Photo: Bill Long closely examines the smoothing cuts made by Dale.
Photo: Dale also showed using his gouge as a shear scraper on the outside of a bowl.