MCW Nov '12 Meeting
Nov 13, 2012Public
Photo: Hal Burdette helps out main photographer and evening demonstrator Michael Colella.
Photo: The silent auction table had only a few items, but Stan Wellborn donated a block of cocobolo that brought in a nice bid.
Photo: President Tim Aley works through his Agenda items.
Photo: A good crowd listens, as Tim conducts the Business Meeting.
Photo: Mike Colella collects his prize of a jam chuck from the Ernie Conover demo for bringing in a colored Show & Tell piece.  Elliot Shantz had his ticket pulled first and took the box from the demo.
Photo: Duane Schmidt talks about his bowl as the prize for the Bring Back Challenge.
Photo: Duane pulls out he winner of the Bring Back Challenge who will need to make something for next month.  And The Winner Is...Jack Enders.
Photo: Gary Guenther tries out the indexing wheel that Steve Drake brought in for comments on the spring-loaded stop.
Photo: Steve Drake shows his goblet made from firewood.
Photo: Elliot Schantz holds the larger of the bowls that he cored with the McNaughton coring system.
Photo: Elliot shows one of his colored pieces that he textured, colored, and then sanded, leaving color in the texture.
Photo: Elliot shows a little, colored, cherry bowl.
Photo: Mike Colella talks about his cup with turquoise that he used at the Renaissance Festival.  It seems to have "Faired" just fine.
Photo: Tina Chisena took this opportunity of the Color Challenge to finish some items from classes she has taken.  Here is the square bowl she made in Mark Gardner's class.
Photo: Tina shows the colored hollow vessel from Mark Gardner's class. (Note the carved feet.)
Photo: Tina painted the off center turning from the Michael Hosaluk class.
Photo: Gary Guenther shows a maple bowl where he colored the top red to emphasize the curly figure.
Photo: Gary then shows a natural-edge bowl that he wants to color -- he took a poll on whether to color the inside or the outside.  (The 'outside' won.)
Photo: Richard Webster talks about his goncalo alves bowl.  He glued two book-matched pieces together to get that cool effect.
Photo: Tom Gannon shows off a colored bowl in the style of some that he saw at a craft fair and tried to duplicate the style... oh wait, it IS their bowl!  Oops!
Photo: Jerry Kaplan shows his Norfolk Island Pine vessel with only the natural color from the pine.
Photo: Tim Aley talked about his very successful experiment with dyes on this walnut vase.
Photo: Tim used a simple blow pipe to air brush the dyes into the desired locations...
Photo: this.