MCW at the Fair - 2012
Mar 8, 2014Public
Photo: MCW Fair setup (right) across from Blacksmith Area
Photo: MCW Fair setup with pole lathe -- appropriately, under two trees
Photo: MCW Demonstration Area ready for business
Photo: Bob Browning at the pole lathe
Photo: Phil Brown coaching a fair-goer in the fine points of pole lathe turning
Photo: Display Area for MCW turned objects
Photo: Russ Iler encouraging the kids
Photo: Phil Brown gives the pole lathe a try with Russ Iler kibitzing
Photo: Alternate view of turned objects display
Photo: Margaret Follas enjoying the camaraderie
Photo: Don Van Ryk and Bert Bleckwenn holding the kid's attention
Photo: Turning -- a kid attraction for young and old kids!
Photo: Paul Simon giving the pole lathe a good workout
Photo: Clif Poodry providing some coaching to his son, Colin
Photo: Mike Colella and Phil Brown -- doing yeoman's work demonstrating
Photo: Mike Colella finishing up a piece
Photo: Blacksmith and MCW collaboration effort - Candlesticks raffled off by Blacksmiths
Photo: Old Timer's General Store - across from MCW Demo Area
Photo: Turned cherry napkin rings -- donated to General Store for Sale -- along side one of the Blacksmith's custom-made and decorated hammers
Photo: Ladies manning the Old Timer's General Store
Photo: 50th Anniversary of the Old Timer's presence at the Montgomery County Fair
Photo: Old Timer's Grand-Prize Christmas Tree Award
Photo: Tree decoration details
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn & Margaret Follas Collaboration -- the turned and carved tree-top ornament