MCW Jan. '12 Show & Tell Critique
Jan 26, 2012Public
Photo: Richard Webster starts off the Show & Tell Critique explaining his yew bowl to the panelists, wood sculptor Lynda Smith-Bugge, wood-art collector Steve Keeble, and potter Ingrid D. Barnes.
Photo: Ingrid D. Barnes explains that she likes how the foot elevates the bowl.
Photo: Jack Enders presents his bowl that he turned in the 70's, and is still in great shape.
Photo: Steve Keeble keeps the crowd smiling as he compliments the modern features in this well used bowl.
Photo: Carl Powell talks about his experimental process of using epoxy with embedded woodchips attached to a piece of wood.
Photo: Lynda Smith-Bugge confirms his comments that maybe the shavings could be larger to look more like wood but likes the experiment.
Photo: Mike Colellla presents his calabash style bowl made from spalted maple burl.
Photo: Mike looks on as Ingrid shows what she likes about the base.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn explains his small natural edge oak bowl.
Photo: Lynda discusses how the bowl sits on the table and turns slightly out to make a base.
Photo: Bob Grudberg talks about his natural edged bowl that he purchased in a group buy of an Australian Myrtle wood.
Photo: Steve starts a conversation with Bob about the Myrtle wood and how it looks nothing like Myrtle from the states.
Photo: Eliot describes his bleached holly hollow form that he says got rejected from a gallery.
Photo: Ingrid started by joking to never tell the jury that people don't like it! She said that it "felt" bottom heavy and taking the bottom in some would help it.
Photo: Eliot's hollow form has a bark inclusion for a little interest.  Steve suggested that maybe if it wasn't along the rim it would imply an added decorative element.
Photo: Gary Nickerson notes the details of making his box.
Photo: One of the suggestions the panel had for Gary was to have an easier handle to grip.
Photo: Mark Verna introduces his natural-edge red oak bowl.
Photo: The panelists check out the objects from all angles, here Lynda checks out how the base works with bowl.
Photo: Donald Van Ryk presents his segmented hollow form.
Photo: Lynda likes the shape and the way it sits on the table.
Photo: Ingrid likes the shape but the panel thinks all the colors don't quite work together.
Photo: Clif Poodry talks about the ring box and his design that started with the "antenna" and he asking the panel if the design works.
Photo: The panel found the box a great shape but don't think the "pins" in the top would work for a ring box.