MCW June '11 Meeting
Jun 18, 2011Public
Photo: Many ideas are exchanged before the meeting.
Photo: It takes a lot of work to make the club run, here Hal Burdett takes a picture of the show and tell items.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn conducts the business meeting.
Photo: Two guests, Michael Kollins and ...
Photo: ... Ed Cook, introduced themselves to the group. Welcome Gentlemen!
Photo: Jack Enders located information on the Jerry-Rig mentioned at the May meeting. He talked about their products and ...
Photo: ... printed out copies including a price list.
Photo: Several items were raffled off and Clif Poodry pulled tickets and even found his own in the bowl.
Photo: Ed Karch and his "stoneware" pot with a fiddle theme.
Photo: Bob Grudberg talking about his open segmented hollow vessel.
Photo: Stan Wellborn brought in a copy of "Colorado Country and Life" with an article that he wrote about the woodturner Shirlen Heath.
Photo: Stan also brought in a vessel that Shirlen Heath gave him and look, it glows.
Photo: Stan was also busy trying to make some open forms in the spirit of the demo.
Photo: Gary Guenther shows off his bleached red-oak egg.
Photo: Klean Strip doesn't sell their two-part wood bleach in small quantities anymore, so he decided to find out how to create his own. The two components are strong hydrogen peroxide and weak sodium hydroxide (lye).  Note the bleached "X" on the red oak cutoff.
Photo: The cheapest available strong peroxide is Baquacil, a swimming pool product...
Photo: ... and a good, pure-lye product is Rooto drain cleaner.
Photo: Bill Long talks about his experiences with a cherry root ball, and ...
Photo: ... looked for suggestions on keeping the inclusions in this Bradford pear bowl.
Photo: Bill looked for suggestions on where to go with this rotted hollow log, and then...
Photo: ... he pulled out a loaf of bread that he made and is using for inspiration for a new turning.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn won last-month's bring back challenge and decided to make a pen/pencil set from a piece of chestnut from the May silent auction (seen in the foreground).
Photo: Once Bert got started he couldn't stop!
Photo: Gary Nickerson was busy again this month with a natural edge bowl, ...