MCW Dec. '13 Panel Critique
Dec 19, 2013Public
Photo: A long line formed to check in the Critique items.
Photo: The collection box for the Tudor Place white oak donations.  Don't forget to bring yours in.
Photo: Just a few items on the Silent Auction table this month.
Photo: The first order of business is the Business Meeting.  Tim has everyone's attention.  First, all our Officers were reelected for 2014.
Photo: Our thoroughly modern President reelect, Tim Aley, runs through the Agenda efficiently on his iPad.  Do we have any guests or visitors?
Photo: Paul Wodiska introduced himself and became a new Member...
Photo: did Mark Silverman.
Photo: Guest Rick Perry also introduced himself.
Photo: OK, I've covered Guests, Dues, Bring-back Challenge, Pens for the Troops, Mentoring, AAW, Future Programs, Skill Enhancement, Wounded Warriors, and the Tudor Place oak; is there anything else?  If not, it's time for the Critique!
Photo: I think we should all be impressed with the tremendous variety of pieces brought for this year's Panel Critique.
Photo: There is a wide variety of shapes and sizes and colors...
Photo: ...with some being functional and others being purely decorative.  The Panel and the audience certainly got to see a wide range of woods and styles.
Photo: Program Chair, Mike Colella, introduced the Panel for the evening.  From left to right, they are Tom Kozar, Margaret Lospinuso, and Robert Ortiz.
Photo: Phil Brown starts off the night with his end-grain, cedar vessel.  He uses his minute to explain his process, in which he purposely brings the pith out of the lower side.
Photo: Tom Kozar goes first and talks about the form.
Photo: Margaret Lospinuso discusses the shape of the sides.
Photo: Bob Ortiz is interested in the internal conversation that the artist has when producing a piece.
Photo: Duane Schmidt brought in an "unfinished" ash bowl that he made in a David Ellsworth class.  He likes the grain texture that came out as it dried.   He plans to leave it that way.
Photo: Margaret talks about how well the bowl is centered in the log.
Photo: Tom liked the large toothed bark on bowl.
Photo: Margaret looks at the bowl shape and told Duane that he could put it back on the lathe and take a little off the bottom to "lift it up" a little.
Photo: Bob is interested in the artistic process and what Duane's goals were and wonders if it would be better with a finish on it.
Photo: Bob Grudberg talks about his open-segmented vessel and the time and materials needed to make it.
Photo: Tom really likes the "movement" that the stripes evoke.