MCW March 08 Meeting
Apr 6, 2008Public
Photo: S&T Table Manager Richard Webster
Photo: Ed Karch - sugar bowl w/ slumped glass top
Photo: Ed Karch - pear bowl w/ deco rim
Photo: Ed Karch - osage orange salt pig
Photo: Stan Sherman - segmented vase
Photo: Richard Webster - hackberry bowl
Photo: David Jacobowitz - segmented HF
Photo: Jerry Kaplan - weeping cherry HF
Photo: Justin Fields - ambrosia maple bowl
Photo: Justin Fields - small flute
Photo: Stuart Glickman - donut chuck
Photo: The S&T Table
Photo: Example handles by Michael Blake
Photo: Preview of Michael Blake handle with octagon end
Photo: Watching Michael Blake at the Mini Table Saw
Photo: Another handle with octagon end
Photo: Michael Blake turning on the Jet Mini
Photo: make it round
Photo: Setting the tang with a hammer blow
Photo: The file is done
Photo: The finished result
Photo: Making another octagon on the table saw
Photo: Drilling with a Forstner bit
Photo: Separating the two parts with a saw