MCW July '12 Gallery
Jul 23, 2012Public
Photo: Mike Colella 10" x 2"  Platter with reversed lip [Red Oak]
Photo: Bob Burdberg 6" x 5" open segmented bowl [purple heart, peach]
Photo: Detail of Bob's open segmented bowl.
Photo: Richard Webster 9" x 4" natural edged bowl [persimmon]
Photo: Gary Guenther 4" x 1 3/4" experimental-shape bowl with temporary sanding sealer [mulberry]
Photo: Bob Browning 2 1/2" x 3" stamp box [oak]
Photo: Bill Long 10" x 4" root burl [cherry]
Photo: Benji Omisore 30+" home made hollowing jig with bearings [metal]
Photo: Stan Wellborn bought this extraordinary camphor burl bowl at the AAW Symposium in San Jose.
Photo: Stan Wellborn found this perfect way to use cutoffs from a variety of woods instead of trashing them -- just sand and polish and display.