MCW June '12 Demo
Jun 12, 2012Public
Photo: David Reed Smith started his demo by bringing out his box of show and tell that he passed out for people to understand what he was demonstrating.
Photo: David shows off his head on a spring, ...
Photo: ... and here he is without the bounce.
Photo: A variation on a plastic spring.
Photo: David's version of the bobble head.
Photo: Boy do I have a headache!
Photo: This bowl is decorated with multi axis lines around the rim.
Photo: David describes his method of making a sphere.  He draws a circle on a piece of paper, puts it below the blank, shines light from above and takes wood away until the shadow just fills the circle.
Photo: He has marked the center of the blank so that he can get the largest sphere size he can from the blank he has.
Photo: He roughs out the blank until ...
Photo: ... he gets a cylinder.
Photo: David looks at the shadows of a dowel to make sure the light is coming from directly above the circle.
Photo: Here the shadow is just covering the circle, ready to start taking away shadow.  He adjusted the light height to get the shadow to fit the circle.
Photo: David was always explaining what he was doing as he went along.
Photo: Here he has the first half done,  ready to turn the second half.
Photo: Here he makes final adjustments.  He will not part it off but get it close so that he can cut them off.
Photo: He has made cup centers that screw into his chucks.
Photo: He uses craft store foam inside his cup centers.  He puts the sphere directly between centers to sand the areas where he cut off and will make any cuts needed all the way around the sphere.
Photo: When you make cup centers you don't want them too big because it will cover up some of the area you want to cut,...
Photo: ... and don't make them too small or the sphere will fly around the shop.
Photo: David finds a blank to demonstrate how to make a cup center.  He will demo making an off-center cup, but the concepts work the same for an on-center cup.
Photo: David explains how to make an insert to hold the blank off center in your chuck.
Photo: He drilled the hole off center in the jig as much as he needed.  You can make different offsets for different projects.
Photo: David has inserted the blank into the chuck.  The cuts in the jig are for compression in the chuck.