MCW Apr. '07 Meeting
Apr 27, 2016Public
Photo: In Show & Tell, Richard Webster shows his stylish laminated platter.  A pair of Clif Poodry's 'spirit bottles' are on the table.
Photo: Ed Karch takes a good look at Jerry Kaplan's natural-edge vessel.
Photo: Jerry looks at Clif Poodry's natural-edge vase on the table.  That's Jerry's hollow form there too, behind it.
Photo: Stan Sherman has a delightful time showing his uniquely-patterned segmented vessel.
Photo: Our demonstrator for the evening, Ed Karch, brought a wide variety of decorated turnings to show us many opportunities for embellishment we have after a piece leaves the lathe.
Photo: Ed Karch shows a vessel decorated with animals in the mode of Molly Winton.
Photo: Ed makes a point about this currently unadorned hollow form with a very small opening.
Photo: Here are some woodburned patterns.  Note the carving bench chuck by his elbow -- the perfect tool to hold pieces while decorating them.
Photo: Here, Ed demonstrates the use of a very high-speed dental drill to do some piercing of a thin vessel.
Photo: Ed invited people to come up and give it a try, so Eliot Feldman is getting the feel of it...
Photo: ...and Ed Grossman takes his turn.
Photo: Ed called the audience up to the table for a closer look at his tools and techniques.
Photo: There is a lot of interest in Ed's techniques and their results, as he shows the carving chuck to Stan Sherman.
Photo: Ed does some burning practice on a flat board.