MCW June '14 Meeting
Jun 21, 2014Public
Photo: Dick Webster checked in the Show & Tell pieces and did the trucking for Mike Colella, who shot the Gallery pix.
Photo: Our Show & Tell table had a wide variety of bowls and other types of turnings, including a couple mallets for the Challenge.
Photo: Don Van Ryk appreciates the dense ambrosia pattern in Dick Webster's maple platter.
Photo: The Silent Auction had some very nice blanks and tools for people to bid on.  Hey, the prices are right!
Photo: Duane Schmidt checks out the Silent Auction.  This is a great place to get good turning wood!
Photo: President Tim Aley is working from paper again!  What happened to the screen?
Photo: We were happy to have Phil Baker join us tonight.  He is visiting from Kent, England where he is a member of the Kentwoodturners club and editor of their monthly magazine.
Photo: Don Bessicks joined us from Chesapeake Woodturners to see Warren demo, and get some photos.
Photo: Thanks to Matt Radtke for doing a great job manning the new video system.
Photo: Speaking of the video system!  Tim presented Bert Bleckwenn with a VERY well deserved Certificate of Appreciation for the extensive effort he put in researching, buying, donating, installing, and testing the highly capable new equipment, and building its attractive and functional enclosure.
Photo: Bravo Bert, and kudos for an important job very well done!
Photo: Bert then talked about the joint skills enhancement and maintenance session  coming up.
Photo: Tim showed the Montgomery County Fair program and sent it around with the volunteer sign up sheet.
Photo: Our Wounded Warrior Program Coordinator, Don Van Ryk, reported on another very successful session.
Photo: Thanks to Bill Long, who volunteered to conduct the S&T.  Bill fell in love with this box made by Bob Anderson, which we'll see more of later.
Photo: Matt Radtke wanted to get the most out of this big piece of ambrosia maple, so...
Photo: ...he took the recent coring demo to heart and got three bowls out of it.
Photo: Bob Browning made a huge holly honey dipper!  Well, not really...  it's a meat mallet for the Mallet Challenge.
Photo: Now THAT'S a mallet(!) courtesy of Elliot Schantz.
Photo: Here is Joe Barnard's variation on the theme.
Photo: Joe also made this thin honey locust bowl with a distinctive grain pattern.
Photo: Tim Aley brought a well-used cherry mallet.
Photo: Tim tried out some pyro on this little oak bowl.
Photo: Now that's a deep paulownia vessel, Tim.  Dare we call it a vase?