MCW February 2011 Meeting
Feb 23, 2011Public
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn talks with demonstrator Mark Supik before the meeting.
Photo: Michael Colella taking the Show & Tell table pictures.
Photo: We are so lucky to have Ed Karch at the meetings helping  us determine what our unknown wood really is.  Please bring in your unknowns for him to look at.
Photo: The silent auction was packed full of items for sale.
Photo: All proceeds of the auction go to MCW so bid them up higher!
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn conducts the business meeting at the Informaion table.
Photo: Mark Verna discusses the Wood Hunt group.  See for photos.
Photo: The Show & Tell table just before it becomes the center of attention.
Photo: Tim Aley shares his mock-up of the Celebrate 25 entry.
Photo: Tim shares his bowl that he rough turned at the Renwick Gallery and has now re-turned and it is awaiting finish.
Photo: Stan Welborn discusses his bowl of balls that he turned from wood he had laying around the shop.
Photo: Stan also shared a box of Rubber Chuckies that he has to test and evaluate.
Photo: Gary Nickerson talks about his maple burl bowl.
Photo: Gary discusses his large red maple bowl.
Photo: Gary shows off his natural-edge bowl.
Photo: Bill Long tells his story of taking classes from Clif Poodry and David Ellsworth during the month.  This thin bowl is from the David Ellsworth class.
Photo: Ed Karch looks through his carved hollow form.
Photo: Ed talks about his other hollow form that he carved, painted and made into his style.
Photo: Terry Lamb shows off the carbide tips of his tools.  They have comfortable rubber grips and come in both straight and curved shafts.
Photo: Gary Guenther shows off his tool handle made from a chair leg.  Here he shows the before-and-after.  This handle incorporates a chuck for utility with a number of steels.  He also noted that wine corks, especially the new plastic ones, can be used to protect the tips of your tools for travel.
Photo: Mike Colella was very busy this month.  His first was this excellent hollow form.
Photo: Michael turned a nice burl into a wonderful bowl.
Photo: This natural edge vessel has a great look with the sapwood coming down opposite sides.
Photo: Paul Simon spoke about his two small oak bowls.