MCW May '14 Kaplan Collections Visit
May 9, 2014Public
Photo: Tim was very thoughtful and brought flowers for the hosts.
Photo: This business meeting venue looks a little bit different from the usual.  Tim is back to paper!
Photo: Four eyes!
Photo: That's better!  :-)
Photo: Tim scores two (!) verbal points on Gary.  But they were too easy!
Photo: Tim is amused.
Photo: Phil is engaged.
Photo: What's Gary thinking?
Photo: Our host, Jerry Kaplan, provides some insight into his hobbies and how he and Deena became collectors of art and crafts.
Photo: He started as a model builder.  He still likes to do that occasionally.
Photo: But this is his toy now, from the driver's seat.  Can you say "Robust"?  How Sweet it is!
Photo: Jerry has a tall piece between centers.  
That's going to take some serious hollowing.
Photo: It's time to roam around and see the collections.  Here is a cabinet by David (Viscount) Linley, nephew to the QEII of England.
Photo: Jerry talks about how they got the cabinet from the UK.
Photo: Jerry and Steve share some thoughts.
Photo: The joys of art, craftsmanship, and wood run throughout the house. This large, wall-size hammer is by Fredrick Wall.
Photo: Candle sticks?  Well, maybe, but that's not the point.  The action is in the negative space between them!  Take a second look.
Photo: A classic Binh Pho composition. Get his book and learn how his life story is reflected in his art.
Photo: Wifflebat (detail) and ball by J. Paul Fennell in front of Harvey Fein bowl. The turners comments: The bat is made in three 10" sections that are sleeved together. Each section was hollowed out--the middle one was challenging because of the two open ends. The end of the bat was also challenging because it required hollowing a thin "tube" 10" deep. I made the billets from mesquite that was recently cut down and very wet. As a tribute to just how stable this wood is, there was no distorion when I sleeved and glued everything together after hollowing. The ball was made from one piece, turned on several axes in a jam chuck, as Christian Burchard would do. Small holes were drilled on the axes to hollow the inside, again in a jam chuck.
Photo: That's some burl!  How you make something like this swirl by James Keller on a lathe is beyond me, but I sure do like to look at them!
Photo: Can you imagine a better way to make use of Norfolk Island pine than this vessel by Holland Van Gores?
Photo: Cool hat by Malcolm Zander, from his "Lace" series.
Photo: This elegant walnut LaceCollarLady by Malcolm Zander, 11" high, was purchased at the recent 2013 AAW Symposium in Tampa.
Photo: This "Pink Lingerie" by Malcolm Zander was turned very thin from pink ivory wood, and pierced and colored.