MCW Sept. '15 Meeting
Sep 25, 2015Public
Photo: Tim Aley stepped up and got the photo tent put together (no small chore) and got the Show Tell & Ask Gallery shoot underway.  Jeff Tate spelled him when he arrived after work.
Photo: Videographer Matt Radtke gets the control board set up. Yikes! The wire monster!
Photo: Bob Grudberg (left) and Clif Poodry (right) discuss the green spalt ring in Bill Long's "little tree" sculpture, made from an unusual poplar burl, with him behind the Show Tell & Ask table.
Photo: Here's that green ring.
Photo: Jack Enders and Margaret Follas get interested too.
Photo: Clif Poodry brought in a number of examples of pieces done using the hollowing technique he will be demonstrating tonight.
Photo: The MCW Lending Library has plenty of print media to go with its DVDs and VHS tapes.  Elliot Schantz has provided a number of new, top-notch DVDs.  Take a look and check something out.
Photo: The Silent Auction table was loaded tonight, and it spilled over onto the "greeting" table -- and this is only one small part of it...
Photo: ...Thanks to David Jacobowitz for donating some nice blanks, along with many from Phil Brown and others.
Photo: What a great job of contributing!  David J. also donated some written material, as he is downsizing.
Photo: Part of tonight's good crowd.
Photo: President, Gary Guenther, gets the Meeting underway by showing a photo (on screen) sent to us by JHU Pediatric Oncology thanking MCW for our donations and showing Bob Grudberg's Beads of Courage lidded vessel in use with a photo of its new owner.  It doesn't get any better.
Photo: Gary is presenting Tim with an unexpected and unknown gift of appreciation from MCW to him for his dedication and hard work in planning and running our efforts at the Montgomery County Ag Fair in August.  I think he just figured out what's in the box...
Photo: Yes!  It's the Jimmy Clewes demo hat!  It's a fitting tribute because our hat is off to Tim for his efforts.
Photo: OK, so it's a couple sizes too small -- it's the thought that counts!
Photo: Jim Allison brought his two grandsons (visiting from out of town) as guests.  Here, David Allison tells about his interests...
Photo: ...and brother 'Jay' Allison brought his very first bowl to show.  And a very fine, thin one it is!  He must have a good teacher!
Photo: Bob Grudberg (right) presents a lucky Matt Radtke with the much-coveted, open-segmented bowl he won from Bob in the monthly Bring-back Challenge.
Photo: A very happy Matt will bring something back next month.
Photo: Little did Matt know how prophetic his shirt would be!
Photo: Tina Chisena completed the split turning begun by Barbara Dill at last month's demo.  She got four identical forms that will make nice candle holders.  She put a little finish on this one to show it off better.
Photo: She also did another split turning on her own.
Photo: Barbara's plastic end plates are available.
Photo: Secretary Jack Enders talked about his contact with Interfaith Works regarding the beginning of an Outreach Program with them in which MCW Members will donate bowls for them to use in their fund-raising program.  The assembled Members felt that this is a good idea and agreed by show of hands to support it.  Thank you, Jack, for this contact and effort.  We will set a date/goal for the Spring.