MCW Nov '10 Meeting
Nov 29, 2010Public
Photo: Bert tells us what's going on...
Photo: ...and we're all listening intently.
Photo: The Show & Tell table...
Photo: ...also includes these.
Photo: The Silent Auction has some nice elm and cherry.
Photo: Demonstrator for the evening Bob Rosand brought some of his menagerie to show us.
Photo: Newsletter Editor Michael Blake hard at work (with a nicely turned pen).
Photo: New member Imelda Rocha.
Photo: Challenge Director Elliot Schantz discusses the new "Return" Challenge which results in members exchanging pieces.
Photo: And the first Bring Back Challenge winner is...   Bert Bleckwenn!
Photo: Beginning the Show & Tell period:  Phil Brown with a home-made tool rest.
Photo: Phil Brown shows off his new form -- a heavy flare.
Photo: Phil Brown with a couple of bowls
Photo: Phil Brown
Photo: Phil Brown
Photo: Tim Aley, in a shirt very appropriate for today's date, Veterans' Day, with his extreme natural-edge bowl.  Can you hear that propeller?  That's a lot of air.
Photo: Mike Twenty with an ornament...
Photo: and a sea urchin ornament...
Photo: and another ornament...
Photo: and more...
Photo: and more... Nice work, Mike.
Photo: Gary Nickerson with a BIG bowl.
Photo: Gary with a nice natural edge...
Photo: and an open vessel.