MCW Jan '13 Meeting
Jan 15, 2013Public
Photo: As members check in their work, Mike Colella is hard at work photographing the art for our Web-Site Gallery.
Photo: We have a very nice variety of items for the Panel to critique tonight.
Photo: Treasurer Phil Brown (far right) was busy collecting dues as members were preparing for the meeting.
Photo: Sally Giarratana, Panelist and local professional potter, talks with members before the meeting.  We were pleased to turn out nearly 40 Members for this annual Program.  As always, we appreciate the Woodworkers Club of Rockville, MD for providing our excellent meeting space.
Photo: Goodies brought in by our members are always appreciated!
Photo: Bill Long looks over small bowls brought in for display by Panelist Chuck Engstrom, with pottery by Panelist Sally Giarratana on the left.
Photo: Another view of items brought in for show from our Panelists -- bowls by Chuck Engstrom, a beautifully-spalted hollow form and gallery-quality baseball bats by David Fry, and pottery by Sally Giarratana.
Photo: A lower angle view of the wood...
Photo: ...and a much better view of Sally's marvelous pottery.
Photo: Two new members introduced themselves, including Manu Suarez...
Photo: ...and Joe Stout.
Photo: Martin Cherry is back with us again, and...
Photo: ...Matt Radtke and his father Mike attended as guests.
Photo: President Tim Aley surprises President Emeritus Bert Bleckwenn...
Photo: ...and presents him with an engraved Glaser bowl gouge to show our appreciation for all the work he has done for MCW (in addition to being President for two years), including Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, setting up the Wounded Warriors and Skill Enhancement and Montgomery County Fair programs, now coordinating the MCW assistance with the WWC move, and much more.
Photo: And the crowd goes wild!
Photo: Smile for the camera!
Photo: Tim presents outgoing Program Chair Gary Guenther with a Certificate of Appreciation for his contributions to MCW.
Photo: Gary has been instrumental in the success of MCW.  In the 6 years of MCW, Gary was Program Chair for the last 4 years, Secretary, safety czar, Newsletter and Website contributor, and candid photographer.  Tim presented to Gary, for all his contributions, a fine Pacific madrone bowl graciously donated by AAW President Dale Larson at the time of his previous visit to MCW.
Photo: President Tim Aley also personally presented Gary with a bottle stopper he made from a piece of the beloved sugar maple tree donated to turners by Vicki and John Jordan.
Photo: Michael Blake draws a ticket to determine the winner of the Bring-Back Challenge.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn, previous winner of the Bring-Back Challenge, made a tool handle for a Bob Rosand 1/4" round skew.   Ed Karch won the tool and will  bring something back next month.
Photo: The clean-lined, osage-orange tool handle turned by Bert Bleckwenn for the Bring-Back Challenge.
Photo: Outgoing Program Chair Gary Guenther introduces his last program, the 4th annual S&T Critique.