MCW April '12 Meeting
Apr 15, 2012Public
Photo: Ed Karch does double duty as he helps identify wood at the silent auction table while collecting the demo fees.
Photo: Bill Autry collects dues before the meeting.
Photo: The DVD library was open for rentals.
Photo: The silent auction table was filled with many large pieces of wood and...
Photo: ... over flowed to a second table.
Photo: Mike Hosaluk had many things for show and sale.
Photo: President Bill Long conducts the meeting.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn gives and update for the Wounded Warriors Project.
Photo: Program Chair Gary Guenther introduced Mike Hosaluk before he critiqued show and tell items.
Photo: Mike gave an introduction to his demo and the critique.
Photo: AAW Board President Dale Larson stopped by while in the area and talked about the Symposium.
Photo: As Gary Guenther describes his hollow form, Mike does what every woodturner does first, feel the inside.
Photo: Gary tells the real story behind the shape of the hollow form.
Photo: Mike would always prefers a base with a little more finishing than simply flat.
Photo: Elliot Schantz talks about his goblet made for a gift.
Photo: Ed Karch presented a vessel that he worked on in Mike's class.
Photo: Mike talks about the form and how it flows into the base.  He also likes the addition of the feet to the vessel.
Photo: Bob Grudberg and Mike have fun with the Bob's open segmented hollow form.
Photo: Mike thinks that it would work better with all the same wood.  He thinks the color distracts from the form.
Photo: Bill Long shows his large bowl, and asks is this piece done?
Photo: Mike believes that the base could be smaller and add to the form, Bill wasn't so sure.
Photo: Tim Aley talks about his thought process in making the bowl.
Photo: Mike suggests that a small detail to separate the bowl from the rim.
Photo: Tina Chisena shows a bowl done in Mike's class earlier in the week and shows off the feet.