MCW @ Montgomery County Fair 2013
Aug 17, 2013Public
Photo: Fair Setup - Bob readies the Pole Lathe
Photo: MCW in Action
Photo: A nice summer day at the Fair.
Photo: Bob Browning works on his pole lathe.
Photo: 2013 Old Timers Theme - Wood Turning
Bob Browning as the Poster Boy
Photo: Russ Iler works at the pole lathe.
Photo: Ed and Phil Brown manning the electric lathes.
Photo: Matt Radtke making a bowl.
Photo: Paul Mazzi hollows out a bowl.
Photo: Matt gets creative, making a bowl on the pole lathe.
Photo: Margaret Follas checks her progress on the bowl!
Photo: Jim Allison amazed the little ones with his skill at the pole lathe.
Photo: Bob does some carving as Margaret looks on.
Photo: Emily Koo hollows her bowl.
Photo: Kids and strings...
Photo: The kids love the puppets.
Photo: Rebecca Meyerson works with determination.
Photo: Imelda Rocha shows her impressive natural-edge bowl.
Photo: Russ showed off items made at the fair as more items were made behind him.
Photo: Margaret sketches out her next chip carving project.
Photo: Fun at the Fair!
Photo: MCW & Blacksmith Collaborative Raffle
Large Ash Vase - Tim Aley
Medium Ash Vase - Bert Bleckwenn
Black Walnut Bud Vase - Bert Bleckwenn
Iron Flora - Blacksmiths
Photo: Old Timers Christmas Tree Contest 
Top Ornament
Turned Cherry - Bert Bleckwenn
Carving - Margaret Follas
Photo: Cedar Vessel - Phil Brown
1st Place Award & Grand Champion Award