Turn For the Troops 2014
Nov 8, 2014Public
Photo: Rebecca starting another pen!
Photo: Don, our Wounded Warrior organizer and teacher making a few for the troops!
Photo: Chris kept us working all weekend.
Photo: Wayne from BAT made the chips fly!
Photo: Chad shows his son a few tricks.
Photo: Making sure everything is setup.
Photo: Beth rounding her pen blanks.
Photo: One of 4 generations of woodturners making pens for the troops!
Photo: Emily creating on the back lathe!
Photo: The talk of Gary turning in public is true!
Photo: Chris even gets a chance to turn some of his own!
Photo: Margaret assembles her pen as Wayne turns another.
Photo: Young turners focused on their work!
Photo: Ellen assembles one of her first pens!
Photo: Friction finishing another pen!
Photo: Chris always willing teach!
Photo: This is a gouge!
Photo: Day 2 and still cranking out the pens!
Photo: Cindy makes pens for the second year in a row!