MCW Aug '13 Meeting
Sep 12, 2013Public
Photo: A  of work goes into setting up for a meeting.  The chairs and monitor are in place.  Bert is getting the video camera ready.  Elliot and Chris are getting something for the lathe.
Photo: Lots of nice wood for tonight's Silent Auction...
Photo: ...and still more!  Lots of treasures-to-be here.
Photo: It's a lively and spirited group having fun hanging around the Library and S&T table.
Photo: Clif brings the Library DVDs for all to have the opportunity to check them out for a month -- and the price is right!
Photo: Here are some of the interesting S&T pieces to be discussed tonight...
Photo: ...and here are more.
Photo: Bob Grudberg with his segmented marblewood hollow form.
Photo: Bob also likes 'em big, as this bowl roughout testifies!  We'll see the finished bowl in months to come.
Photo: Note the distortion of the rim from drying.
Photo: Bob Browning brought a nice little cherry natural-edge bowl.
Photo: Bob made some pens from exotic scraps that he picked up.
Photo: This one is some nice oak burl.  Bob also made a biscuit cutter as his Bring-back piece -- it was won by Matt Radtke.
Photo: Mike Colella has begun making bangles for sale.  He'll show us how in our February 2014 demo.
Photo: Ed Karch with a natural-edge square bowl with the sides textured by carving.
Photo: This carved bowl is unique both in its form and the fact that it is made of American chestnut.
Photo: Ed showing details of texturing and carving.
Photo: Margaret Follas turned and carved this cherry bowl carefully to accept a glass insert.
Photo: Here is a better view of her carving.
Photo: Elliot Schantz brought a couple of spalted maple bowls.
Photo: He also brought this unique, cherry and mahogany lidded box.
Photo: Here it is together.
Photo: Paul Mazzi turned a red maple charger and decorated and dedicated it on the bottom through a stencil...
Photo: seen here.