MCW demonstrates at Renwick (Sept. 2010 - Jan. 2011)
Jan 18, 2011Public
Photo: Some of Mike Colella & Tim Aley's work for a hands on display.
Photo: Mike Colella at the lathe.
Photo: Mike starts the demo while Tim photographs in the background
Photo: Making shavings...
Photo: ... to a standing-room-only crowd!
Photo: The votive holder is starting to take shape.  A nice crowd looks on.
Photo: Some of the stages are illustrated, sitting on the lathe bed.
Photo: That's quite an impressive shield.  It's hard to talk through it.
Photo: It's growing!
Photo: I'm impressed.
Photo: Mike attempts to explain to the audience about off center turning
Photo: Tim Aley begins his part of the demo while a full house watches
Photo: Mounting the blank in a chuck.
Photo: The chips are flying.
Photo: Working on the bottom.
Photo: Tim being a little more aggressive making shavings than Mike
Photo: An interested onlooker wants to know how Tim made his winged bowl
Photo: "Very Carefully" was obviously a good answer.
Photo: Back at it.
Photo: Now for some hollowing.
Photo: Removing material.
Photo: Making good progress.  Quite a turnout, so to speak.
Photo: Clif Poodry makes shavings righthanded... (photo by Miriam Rosenthal)
Photo: ...and lefthanded, as a good crowd is on hand. (photo by Miriam Rosenthal)