MCW Feb. '12 Meeting
Feb 23, 2012Public
Photo: President Bill Long presides over his first meeting as president.
Photo: Don Van Ryk talks about the wounded warrior program.
Photo: The show and tell table was filled with a lot of apple.
Photo: Jeff Tate talks about his adventures in turning these two bowls.
Photo: Jeff rough turned this bowl, let it dry and went back and returned it, noticed a hole in it so stuck a toothpick in it and...
Photo: ... out came this bug, after staying in the wood as it dried out and turned into a bowl he was still alive.
Photo: Bob Grudberg turned this nearly 3 foot tall segmented jar.  He was asked at Thanksgiving how large a piece he could make, and this is what he came up with.
Photo: Bob answered many questions about how he turned this and ...
Photo: ... put it down so that people could get a closer look.
Photo: Paul Simon talks about his oak bowl and asks some questions on how to finish turning the bottom.
Photo: Stan Wellborn shows his simply shaped bowls that show off the very figured maple burl wood.
Photo: Mike Colella talks about his oak bowl that he turned wet to allow it to move.
Photo: Mike said that it stayed round until a little crack developed and it warped nicely.
Photo: MIchael Blake shows the many features of his pen display box, pens, and hidden compartment.
Photo: Michael talks about his Glaser inspired handle for his detail gouge.
Photo: Michael showing off  more of his famous oval handle screwdrivers.
Photo: Tim Aley shows the interesting pattern on the front of his plate.
Photo: Tim show his small bowl made from the Florida exchanged Cuban Mahogany.
Photo: Bill Long shows the first of the 3 bowls that all have church connections.
Photo: Bill is not sure of the wood that makes this nice pedestal bowl.
Photo: Bill noticed marks in his roughed out bowl and decided to create a pattern inside the bowl based on it.
Photo: Gary Guenther talks about his adventures with his first two shafted CrushGrind peppermills.  The excellent article by Chris West in the recent Woodturning Design magazine came out too late for these but will be referenced for future ones.
Photo: Richard Webster made a couple of bowls from a poplar tree.
Photo: Richard really liked the unusual markings in the poplar wood and exhibited them in end-grain and side-grain orientations.