Michael Blake... In Memoriam - 7/20/2014
Aug 3, 2014Public
Photo: So long, Michael. Been good to know ya.  
(I didn't use a semicolon.)
Photo: MCW is deeply saddened by the passing of our friend, Michael Blake. We hope you will enjoy these images, which are presented chronologically, as a remembrance. They are drawn from our Photo Gallery library, with original captions followed by their date [yy,mm].
Photo: Michael Blake - set of miniature hand tools with turned handles -- note the 8-sided ends. [0708]
Photo: Michael Blake is enamored with tool handles, as evidenced here. [0801]
Photo: Michael Blake turning on the Jet Mini. [08.03]
Photo: make it round. [08.03]
Photo: Setting the tang with a hammer blow. [08.03]
Photo: The file is done. [08.03]
Photo: The finished result. [08.03]
Photo: Preview of Michael Blake handle with octagon end. [08.03]
Photo: Watching Michael Blake at the Mini Table Saw. [08.03]
Photo: Making another octagon on the table saw. [08.03]
Photo: Drilling with a Forstner bit. [08.03]
Photo: Separating the two parts with a saw. [08.03]
Photo: Discussing the result. [08.03]
Photo: The octagon screwdriver with bits inside the handle. [08.03]
Photo: Another handle with octagon end. [08.03]
Photo: Michael Blake - hollow screwdriver handle with O-rings. [08.04]
Photo: Michael Blake - Detail of inside of the handle with stored bits. [08.04]
Photo: Michael Blake - octagonal screwdriver handle (per March demo) 08.04]
Photo: Michael Blake - one of five multi-wood pencils. [08.06]
Photo: Michael Blake - five multiple-wood pencils. [08.06]
Photo: Michael Blake discusses four new tools he has made.  [08.08]
Photo: Denis Zegar discusses his osage orange bowl as Michael Blake looks on. [08.08]