MCW Mar '10 Meeting
Mar 27, 2010Public
Photo: Phil Brown at one of several Silent Auction tables
Photo: The Show & Tell table ready for a David Ellsworth critique
Photo: President Bert Bleckwenn leads the meeting
Photo: Just part of the large crowd listening to Bert
Photo: Visitor Peter Lamb (Terry's brother) in discussion with David Ellsworth
Photo: This evening, we were privileged to host David Ellsworth, one of the world's most influential woodturners.  He invented blind hollowing through a small orifice, and the tools to accomplish it, in the 1970s.  He was a founder of AAW and it's first President.  He has won numerous awards, and his works are in all the major museums and collections.
Photo: What a pleasure and honor to have with us one of the legends of woodturning.
Photo: David kindly agreed to critique this evening's Show & Tell pieces prior to his demo.
Photo: A new form for Phil Brown
Photo: One of Eliot Feldman's difficult, flat-topped hollow forms, ala Ellsworth
Photo: Another Eliot Feldman
Photo: Elliot Shantz brought a piece from a friend
Photo: Another Phil Brown form
Photo: A NE birch chalice by Gary Guenther
Photo: A heart-shaped NE from Tim Aley
Photo: Stan Wellborn is working at augmentation