MCW Feb. '16 Meeting
Feb 13, 2016Public
Photo: It takes 3 men to figure out the photo tent!
Photo: Elliot Schantz talks to our demonstrator Bob Rupp as he sets up before the meeting.
Photo: Richard Webster and John Laffan discuss carving technique.
Photo: There is always a lot of interesting discussion around the ST&A check-in table and...
Photo: ... and everywhere else!
Photo: There were a few choice items from Phil Brown on the silent auction table.
Photo: President Ellen Davis conducts the meeting to a full house!
Photo: Gary Guenther turns outside on his back patio, so the Bring-Back Challenge included a challenging weather environment (27ºF) for Gary as he turned this Bob Rosand-inspired ring holder.  It gives new meaning to the word "chatter".
Photo: Matt Radtke happily accepts the Bring-Back challenge from Gary.
Photo: Jack Enders talked about the background and goals of our Turning Works Program to supply turned objects as a fundraiser for Interfaith Works, which supports the needy in MoCo.
Photo: VP Bob Anderson discusses Noah Dove's visit to Mark Supik's shop, sponsored through our Turning for Tomorrow Program that Bob leads.
Photo: The table is ready for Show Tell & Ask!
Photo: John Laffan dreaming of the mead he will be drinking from this bowl.  Remember do not Drink and Turn.
Photo: Bob Grudberg discusses his natural-edge cedar vase.
Photo: Bob talked about cutting up bark from another part of a tree and gluing it on where bark comes off and if you look closely, ...
Photo: ... very closely, you can see some of it but few will notice.
Photo: "Bob can you lift that big a log into place?"  Answer "Yes, you just have to Man UP!"
Photo: Thanks, Bob, for donating this box for our Beads of Courage Program, led by Jeff Tate.  Thanks, too, for a large bowl (see Gallery) donated for Turning Works.
Photo: Secretary Steve Drake discusses his vase on a base.
Photo: Joe Stout discusses his turned and burned box.
Photo: Stephen Price discusses the process of cutting a board with a parting tool at an angle to create rings that are then glued, stacked, and turned to make a "bowl from a board".
Photo: Eliot Feldman discusses the Celtic Knot on this box and will gladly help you understand how to do it yourself.
Photo: Joe Barnard was very glad he completed his texturing of the underside of the bowl while it was still green.
Photo: Program Chair Tim Aley discusses his burning and painting of a modified Native American pattern.