MCW July '11 Demo
Jul 22, 2011Public
Photo: Don Riggs starts his making a ball part of the demonstration by putting the wood between centers, finding the center line, and start shaping.
Photo: Here his is getting close to a round shape.
Photo: To check the shape he has a variety washers and homemade plexiglass circles he puts on the ball to check the shape.
Photo: Don then turns the ball 90 degrees and puts it between centers that he has turned to accept the ball. Note the original pencil line, larger drive side center, smaller Corian center and...
Photo: ... the baseball glove he threw out to the member in the line of fire, just in case!
Photo: Now time to take those nubs off.
Photo: Here is our original line
Photo: Ed Grossman shows off a larger version of what we are about to see next.
Photo: Don first finds the center and puts the piece between centers.
Photo: He then rips through the roughing and ...
Photo: ... he made the chips fly! He then made a tenon on the end and mounted it in the jaws.
Photo: Don shapes the outside of the goblet.
Photo: Now comes the hardest part, supporting the goblet so you can hollow it. This is the jig he made up to solve the problem. A scrap piece of plywood, C clamp and 2 rollerblade wheels and you can build a support too.
Photo: If you don't align it properly it may rub a little and make a mark.
Photo: Don starts hollowing the goblet.
Photo: He uses his favorite tool to hollow. It has been sharpened many, many times and still has a few more left!
Photo: Don finished the goblet with renaissance wax and used a paper towel to protect it from the Corian tail stock center.
Photo: Don stopped the demo for a minute to tell that the first demo he saw at CAW was by our own Phil Brown and displayed the piece that Phil turned that day.
Photo: Don gets back to work and starts the stem from the goblet.
Photo: Don would quickly rough out a short section, get it the right size, sand and finish it.
Photo: The he would repeat that again ...
Photo: ... and again ...
Photo: ... and again until he got to where he wanted to end.
Photo: Then he worked on the base. He shaped, sanded, and finished the base. He then parted it off until...