MCW May '11 Meeting
May 16, 2011Public
Photo: The usual suspects listen to Bert Bleckwenn's announcements.
Photo: The Show & Tell table has some interesting pieces -- several terrific bowls, a napkin holder, a peanut server, and an "Imperial Palace".
Photo: Don Van Ryk makes good on last months "Bring Back" by presenting a tree ornament to Eliot Feldman.
Photo: Eliot, in turn, has brought this lovely "design change", very apropos of the topic tonight, for the new "Bring Back" winner, Bert.
Photo: Mike Colella has made an interesting end-grain form from box elder.
Photo: Eliot shows what happened.
Photo: Ilya Zavorin with a natural-edge bowl...
Photo: ...and a natural-edge compote.
Photo: Don with his ornament.
Photo: Paul Mazzi made a nice burl napkin holder.
Photo: Gary Guenther shows a curly, silver maple bowl with bark inclusion.
Photo: Bill Long with a natural-edge bowl...
Photo: ...and a really big salad bowl...
Photo: ...and a failed try at making a flared tube.
Photo: Here is Bill's chuck for his attempted tube.
Photo: Ed Karch with a nice little box...
Photo: ...and his latest "story" piece with a penguin and egg.
Photo: Bob Grudberg has been doing some segmented turning...
Photo: ...and also made a candy or nut dispenser.
Photo: Dick Webster with his lovely joint venture with Mother Nature.