MCW July '16 Meeting
Jul 18, 2016Public
Photo: Our 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social was well stocked with ice cream, here being scooped by Stephen Price.
Photo: ... and toppings!
Photo: The Social brings out interesting conversation...
Photo: ... and a few tall tales.
Photo: Meanwhile the work of setting up continues.  Joe Stout is running the a/v, with a mic check by Bob Anderson, while demonstrator Carl Powell preps.
Photo: Videographer Joe Stout is happy with the work of trainee Stephen Price.  Thanks, Stephen, for joining the video team.
Photo: The library is open; is ice cream allowed in the library?
Photo: Jeff Annis views an interesting book in the library.
Photo: Somebody brought a paper bowl and plastic spoon for Show Tell & Ask.
Photo: The Silent Auction is a battle of cherry vs. holly.
Photo: Vice President Bob Anderson presides over the Business Meeting.
Photo: Bill Long brought the Bring-Back piece, an oak burl (what else would you expect?) goblet.
Photo: Bob draws the winning Bring-Back raffle ticket from Richard Webster's box elder bowl...
Photo: ...and the winner is Gary Guenther!  Now Gary will have to turn something at 100ºF instead of at 27ºF like the last time!
Photo: Program Director Tim Aley explains the MoCo Ag Fair arrangements he's making for August and asks for volunteers.
Photo: Tim also gets the ST&A session going with this 5-sided oak crotch bowl.
Photo: Richard Webster shows a natural-edge box elder burl bowl.
Photo: Steve Drake is very appreciative...
Photo: ...of this wonderful carved basswood plate received as a gift for his 30th Wedding Anniversary from Margaret Follas.
Photo: Matt Radtke was tasked to complete the Mike Sorge bowl from the last demo, and a fine job he did.
Photo: John Laffan was inspired to try last month's demo shape -- a winged, bark-edge vessel in maple!
Photo: Mike Colella soaked some wood in Cactus Juice resin to add color and turned these magic wands.  Mike got a lot of questions and explained the process and results.