MCW June '16 Meeting
Jun 19, 2016Public
Photo: Bob Grudberg mans the check-in desk, collecting demo fees, and gives out tickets for the Bring-back Challenge
Photo: Mike Colella shoots the Gallery as Clif Poodry and William Flint look on.
Photo: Margaret Follas, Jim Allison, and Jeff Tate check out demonstrator Mike Sorge's natural edge vessels.
Photo: Jordan Kitt checks in his 'chip bowl' at the Show Tell & Ask table.
Photo: Mike Sorge chats with Manu Suarez as Steven Price looks on.
Photo: A good crowd is on hand for tonight's meeting and demo.
Photo: Welcome guests: Sean Tracy and new Member Tim Jackson.
Photo: Guest Brian Costner
Photo: President Ellen Davis runs the Business Meeting.
Photo: Jeff Tate presents a pair of multi-axis candlesticks to Bring-back Challenge winner Bill Long.
Photo: Bill is very interested in them!
Photo: Newsletter Editor Bill Long talks about his experience at the Atlanta Symposium where he got the First-Place Award for Best Chapter Newsletter.
Photo: Beads of Courage Program Director talks about the experience of delivering boxes and wands to Johns Hopkins.
Photo: Manu Suarez talks about his time teaching woodturning in Honduras for AAW.
Photo: MoCo Fair Program Director Tim Aley talks about the logistics for the coming Fair.
Photo: Richard Webster begins the Show Tell & Ask period with his natural-edge willow bowl.
Photo: Bob Grudberg and the 3 corner bowl.
Photo: Bob's big cherry bowl.
Photo: Jeff Tate and the horizon bowl.
Photo: Mike Colella shows his bowl with exterior details.
Photo: Margaret Follas turns another canvas for her carving.
Photo: Tim Aley a couple of natural edge bowls from a friends tree.
Photo: Steve Haddix highly spalted and nicely finished.
Photo: Jordan Kitt turned bowls with character!