MCW March '12 Meeting
Mar 21, 2012Public
Photo: There was a lot of conversations, seat management and excitement before the meeting.
Photo: The new camera setup with HD monitor and tripod.
Photo: Bill and Jeff Tate talk about Bill's bowl before the meeting.
Photo: Our new MCW President, Bill Long, enjoying a comment from one of the members.
Photo: Chris Johnstone, one of the owners of our host venue, the Woodworkers Club,  speaks to the largest meeting in MCW history (just under 60) and has generously given us an extra half hour for our meetings.
Photo: Bert Bleckwen talks about the Wounded Warrior project.
Photo: Steve Drake talks about the new turner segment and states that there will be a random drawing for a $20 gift certificate from The Woodworkers Club to one of those that respond to the email.
Photo: Program Chair, Gary Guenther, introduces David Elsworth before David critiques Show&Tell items and then starts his demo.
Photo: Bill Long starts off with his bowl inside it's shell.
Photo: David wasn't sure that the bowl needed to be hidden inside the other section until he found out that they came from the same piece of wood.
Photo: Richard Webster talks about his natural-edged bowl.
Photo: David enjoys a comment about the bowl.
Photo: Mike Colella presents his walnut bowl with turquoise
Photo: David talks about things to consider when designing the base of bowl.
Photo: Bob Gurdberg shows his open-segmented bowl.
Photo: Bob Gurdberg shows his open-segmented bowl.
Photo: David talks about how the open segments let you see through and enhance the pattern.
Photo: Eliot presents his hollow form.
Photo: David shows off the form as he talks about the shape and the size of the base.
Photo: Elliot talks about making this box as a gift while David examines it.
Photo: David had some questions about he lid and suggested maybe next time a little different design on the knob.
Photo: Stan Wellborn presents his two bowls finished in a similar finishing technique and wondered how they compare.
Photo: David give the bowls the "how do they look upside down" test.
Photo: Tim Aley presents his natural edged bowl that was the latest item that came off the lathe.