MCW Nov. '15 Meeting
Nov 15, 2015Public
Photo: Richard Webster checking in his bowl for show and tell.
Photo: Kentucky Coffeetree wood from a champion tree taken down in Darnstown.
Photo: Show and tell table had a variety of shapes but a lot of cherry was turned this month.
Photo: Elliot provides some help during the gallery shoot.
Photo: The Show and Tell table gets a good look-over before the meeting.
Photo: Even the guests check out the Show and Tell items!
Photo: We like big bowls, and we can not lie.
Photo: Carl gives up!
Photo: A good crowd for the meeting this month.
Photo: Some of the people that have helped out this month, Joe on the camera, Bob waiting to talk about Turn for the Future, and Ellen running the tickets after we were late to start handing them out.
Photo: Joe Stout running the camera for the second month in a row and so much to learn.
Photo: President Emeritus tries to remember how to run a meeting filling in for Gary.
Photo: Bob Anderson talks about our new "Turning for Tomorrow" Program and his work with his student Noah.
Photo: New member John Laffan takes in the meeting.
Photo: Guest Scott Reynolds new to woodturning, came to Turn for Troops and then to check out a meeting.
Photo: Guest and Woodworkers Club member  Anne looks on for the meeting.
Photo: Ted Michalek from Chesapeake Woodturners came to see his friend Rich Foa Demonstrate.
Photo: Ellen Davis helped out with the Bring Back Challenge tickets.
Photo: Seems like the guy running the meeting made another joke?
Photo: This is the box that Joe Stout made for the Bring-back Challenge and...
Photo: ... Mike Colella had the winning Ticket!
Photo: Bob Grudberg with the a very big bowl!
Photo: Bob and his segmented piece for the month.
Photo: Bob talks about his box that played the roll of propeller on the lathe.