MCW Aug '12 Meeting
Aug 16, 2012Public
Photo: Tonight's Show & Tell had a very nice range of sizes!
Photo: Hal Burdette photographing the S&T pieces.
Photo: Don Van Ryk does the trucking, and here helps Hal with the photo background.
Photo: Mark Gardner brought a nice sampling of the types of pieces he taught in his hands-on class.
Photo: Mike Twenty, appreciating one of Mark's vessels, as Bob Grudberg looks on.
Photo: President Tim Aley works through his Meeting Agenda.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn talked about the action at the coming MoCo Ag Fair.
Photo: Elliot Schantz announces the Color Challenge for November and encourages everyone to participate.
Photo: Mike Twenty shows his segmented form still in progress. He talked about all the work it has taken to get to this point.
Photo: Tim Aley shows a pair of willow oak bowls that were still a little wet when turned.
Photo: Ed Karch, our wood ID guy, turned two little forms from wood that Phil Brown had sent him to identify.
Photo: Ed shows bowls that he turned from hybrid elm.
Photo: Ed discusses the orientations of these two elm bowls -- note the opposite locations of the heart wood.  Which do you like better?  They make a very nice pair.
Photo: Here Ed shows off a natural edge bowl from plum wood. He brought in pieces of this plum and the hybrid elm for the silent auction table.
Photo: When Ed made this suspended vessel, he was channeling Mark Gardner, tonight's demonstrator and Alan Carter. He brought it to hear Mark's reaction.
Photo: Margaret Follas talks about the ornaments she made for the tree in the Old Timers Building at the Ag Fair.
Photo: Bob Browning shares a smile while talking about his walnut bowl.
Photo: Phil Brown show a mini vortex bowl that he made, as a fund raiser for the Center for Art in Wood, from the core of a bowl made by Robin Wood on a pole lathe.
Photo: Bob Grudberg talks about his HUGE segmented hollow form.
Photo: Elliot Schantz shows a vase that he made and then opened the new American Woodturner to find one of a similar shape.
Photo: Elliot made a goblet from Norfolk Island Pine and commented that he filled it with oil and it all soaked in.
Photo: It needs to be a little thinner to be translucent.
Photo: Bert Bleckwenn explains how he applied several spray coats of finish to his box.
Photo: Gary Guenther explained the method of making a square, multi-axis bowl that he had just learned in class with Mark Gardner earlier in the day.