MCW Nov. '14 Meeting
Nov 18, 2014Public
Photo: Show & Tell table...
Photo: ...and from a different view
Photo: Mike Colella taking Gallery pictures of Jimmy Clewes Workshop projects -- two colored-rim platters
Photo: Silent Auction table
Photo: Eliot Feldman mentored new Member Ellen Davis recently in his shop.
Photo: Steve Drake kindly "spelled" absent Secretary Jack Enders tonight and will act as his back up in the future.
Photo: New Candid Photographer in training, Jeff Tate, is getting right into the action.  Gary Guenther would like to thank Jeff for stepping up into this very important position.
Photo: Gary's in the line of fire, as usual, with his camera instead of a baseball glove!
Photo: The group settles in for the Business Meeting.
Photo: Tim calls the meeting to order
Photo: Videographer Matt Radtke makes an adjustment on a shot of Tim from Camera 3.  Camera 1 was unfortunately missing this evening, hence the empty tripod.
Photo: Tim calls for any guests to introduce themselves.
Photo: Frank Travis and his wife, Carol, came all the way up from Fredericksburg, VA to transport and host Jimmy Clewes for his next gig, for the Capital Area Woodturners.
Photo: Guest Shirley Seymore
Photo: Guest, Chad Fogel, who often turns pens at the Woodworkers Club before our Meetings, showed some of his pens.
Photo: Will the hat from that block of wood fit Tim's head?
Photo: Full house for Jimmy Clewes' hat turning demonstration
Photo: Ticket drawing for the Bring-back Challenge
Photo: And the winner is...
Photo: Jimmy Clewes got to draw a ticket too.
Photo: Here's our winner, Stan Wellborn...
Photo: Tim discussing the two burl bowls he turned from wood given to him from the cache of a neighbors husband who passed away
Photo: Clif Poodry is running the Show & Tell session.  Here he gets a good look at a fine walnut bowl by Joe Barnard.
Photo: Tina Chisena with the colored-rim platter she made during the Jimmy Clewes Workshop earlier in the day