MCW Aug. '14 Meeting
Aug 30, 2014Public
Photo: The Show & Tell table had a very wide variety of pieces.
Photo: The Silent Auction had wood and back issues of American Woodturner.
Photo: This is the first meeting for new Member Ellen Davis.  Welcome, Ellen.
Photo: Charlie Goedeke, a member of Chesapeake Woodturners, joined us as a guest to watch fellow CW member Allen Alexopulos make candle holders for our Program.
Photo: Shaun Grossman joined us as a guest.
Photo: John DePiazza, a member of the Northern California Woodturners in Sacramento was visiting the area and joined us as a guest.
Photo: Jeff Tate learns some tricks from Mike Colella as he photographs the Show & Tell pieces.
Photo: President Tim Aley goes through a multi-page Meeting Agenda.
Photo: Phil Brown had a few words to say...
Photo: ...about an upcoming joint visit with Chesapeake Woodturners on October 19 to the home of Fleur Bresler to view her incredible collection of wood art that was recently doubled in physical space.
Photo: Visiting Demonstrator, Allen Alexopulos, draws the winning raffle ticket from the David Ellsworth natural-edge bowl, held my Mike Twenty, that is being raffled off...
Photo: ...and the Winner is...
Photo: ...none other than our very deserving President, Tim Aley!  Congrats, Tim.
Photo: While he's over there, Tim kicks off the Show & Tell period by showing his hot air balloon Christmas ornament.
Photo: A couple of years ago, Tim brought this oak crotch bowl in and got some instructions on how to improve it.  So he ...
Photo: ... just turned the other 1/2 of the log.  He defined the bowl with a lip and waited until it was dry so it isn't warped.
Photo: Joe Barnard shows his little stand or table that looks like it is about to take off.
Photo: Watching too many infomercials on TV, Joe decided to make his own burger press.
Photo: Bill Long discusses  how Joe's burger maker works.
Photo: Jeff Tate talks about a small bowl with a burnished rim.
Photo: Jeff shows his two holly bowls.
Photo: Mike Colella shows the base of his spalted end-grain bowl
Photo: And the great color continues in the bowl as well.
Photo: Bob Grudgberg always has fun with his woodturning.  He brought in his signature open segmented bowl sitting on the lathe behind him but...